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DWS Fast Flow Sand MillJWS Horizontal Bead Mill

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DWs large flow sand mill new tvpe adapts adapts newdiversion trench and sand disc to achieve much higherefficient  wet  grinding  technology.  High-efficientdiversion-trench grinding disc and super-big centrifugal flowturbine can be distributed in grinding chamber preferably.Centrifugal  wheel  is  designed  specially,under  highline-speed,adopting centrifugal principle,centrifug wheelcan throw grinding medium and large particles material to theoutside of filter. This will ensure much more working life offilter and make larger particles material be grinded in chamberrepeatedly. This tech"ology solves the problem that filter isplugged up easil. Adopts centrifugal-wheel style filtertoincrease flow rate to separate grindng medium safely,if forlarger flow separation system, it can work inmuchhighereffciency.

Disc of centrifugal grooves

Specially designed centrifugal wheel

Special designed large areaofscreen mesh

Turbo disperser structure

Technical parameters

Applicable for automobile paint, steelroll paint, corrosion-proof paint, wood paint, secreen printing ink, Gravureink, textile pigment,TiO2 powder,Pharmacy. Pestide etc.

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